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Our world is an incredibly unequal place. In almost every society, in every region of the world, both rich and poor, there are certain groups of people who are being left out of the social and economic development of their country often on the mere basis of their race, religion, ethnicity, gender and even location. Multiple inequalities combine to keep people stuck in unfavorable and unfair circumstances. Whether because of discrimination, the unfair distribution of assets and opportunities, lack of voice and influence over decisions or disregard as a result of being located in places that are easier to ignore, these inequalities constitute a great injustice that must be addressed.

We believe that inequality matters because it slows down the pace at which a society can reduce poverty. It slows down economic growth, and at the level of everyday life it undermines people’s sense of self-worth and agency and is often associated with despair, depression and substance abuse. It is also often at the heart of civil strife and conflict.

But evidence shows that change is possible and inequality can be overcome!

We believe that with the power of music and art we can create positive force for change mobilizing as many voices as possible to call for an end to inequality.

As the United Nations and world leaders gear up to define the principles and goals that can make this world a better place for all, we are reaching out to you to help us make one loud resounding call against inequality and for freedom, solidarity and social justice!

Playing For Change

Playing For Change is a multi-media movement of people around the world dedicated to reminding us that the powers to divide will never be as strong as those capable of uniting us. The true ability to connect and inspire people everywhere exists with the power of music and technology. Playing For Change is constantly traveling the globe in an effort to build a global family based on positivity and music.

For more information on Playing for Change: www.playforchange.com

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MDG Achievement Fund

The MDG Achievement Fund (MDG-F) is committed to eradicating poverty and inequality and changing people’s lives around the world. Set up in 2007 with a generous contribution from the Government of Spain to the United Nations system, we work together with and in support of citizens and their organizations as well as governments to implement programmes that help advance the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Our aim is to trigger real change in people’s lives for the better and influence public policy making it more responsive to the needs of the poor. Currently we support 130 national joint programmes in 50 countries around the world working on issues ranging from child nutrition to youth employment, women’s empowerment and culture and development.

For more information on MDG Achievement Fund: www.mdgfund.org

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The song “A Better Place” was created as one of Playing for Change’s Around the World songs bringing together musicians from across the world, this time in partnerships with the United Nations to speak out against inequality. In some of the poorest places in the world the human spirit shines bright and people continue to play music and sing. Music connects us all. Through these images you can see the various faces and places that are part of the making of the song “A Better Place”.