Add your voice

Your voice can help make this world a better place. Join the call to action to end inequality. Express yourself through music, writing, dancing, art or mobilizing people in your community.

icon music


Make your voice heard
through music!

  • Write your own song speaking out on issues of inequality and social justice. We will feature it!
  • Add a verse to the Better Place song and we’ll add you to the track: watch the tutorial
  • Share your favourite song on inequality

icon art


Make your voice heard through artistic expressions!

  • Dance: dancing, dance mob
  • Photo: visualize it!
  • Art: paint it draw it express it
  • Spoken word/poetry: say it like it is

icon social impact

Social Impact

Take action in your community and inspire others!

  • Organise don’t agonise: organize events and actions in your locality and put pressure for change